Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Word...Or Not...

You did pretty good last week figuring out the photo, lets see what you got for me this week. Odd fashion speaks again....

Come back Friday when Girls Night Out will be hosted by Melinda-Mae Handbags

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at


  1. hmmm...the tops ones look like a Project Runway challenge gone wrong! LOL

  2. just wanted to say what a wonderful blog you have. Your pictures are stunning and I've really enjoyed having a nose around. Thank you and best wishes !

  3. Tara, you're too funny!

    Thanks Elise, please come by again!

  4. flowers and leaves?!
    That is pretty innovative! :D

  5. These outfits are all about paper and TOILET PAPER!


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