Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Mesmerizing Beauty - Classic in Black

This black necklace caught my eye right away. The photo makes it seems as though it goes on and on and on. There's nothing like a classic black necklace that goes with anything. I found this pretty over at Fashion Touch on Etsy for only $15.00. She also makes the most beautiful knitted scarves, that are a must see. Let me know...are you mesmerized?
KMT Graphic's right here, Friday night at 7...where will you be??

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at


  1. That's gorgeous!! I actually have a few necklaces like that in different colors :D
    Definitely retro chic!!

  2. I love it too! It just pops!

  3. HI Dee!

    Thank you so much for featuring my work here! Love your blog!!!!! so many good finds!


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