Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts - Listen UP!!

She's a free spirit, she's a rock, she's a survivor, a dreamer, a doer and a listener...she's your girlfriend! And what do girlfriends do? They talk about life, laugh, cry, reflect on the past and they share thoughts. Grab a glass of coffee and leave a comment or two. For today's thought... Dee says...

Listen UP!

Are you listening in your relationships? Is your partner telling you things that you aren't hearing? The biggest problems in most relationships is we don't listen to each other. We want to be heard, we want the other person to know and understand what WE'RE feeling and what's going on with us, but are we taking the time to really hear what they have to say? Ineffective listening causes frustration, misunderstandings and hurt feelings and wrong conclusions.

Most of us, men and women are looking for someone who will listen to us in a relationship, someone who understands what we're thinking or feeling or saying. If you're in a relationship now, think back to when you first started dating, you were on the edge of every word, because you wanted to learn about this person to see if they were a fit, you wanted to know all there was to know about your future mate. What happened?

Start looking at your partner each day as a new date, and lets stop taking one another for granted. The next time your partner starts talking... LISTEN UP!

Tomorrow....Melinda-Mae will host Girls Night Out..with her fabulous handmade bags...I'll be here, where will you be?

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  1. Always a great reminder and so important. Thank you and visiting from Mom dot for Content Thursday.

  2. Oh excellent advise Dee! I once heard a pastor say that what attracts them will keep them. It's true we all want to be heard, but do we stop to listen...hmm.

    Have a great Thursday eve.

    xoxo Cori


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