Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday's Thought - Is This Love?

she's a free spirit, she's a rock, she's a survivor, a dreamer, a doer and a listener...she's your girlfriend! And what do girlfriends do? They talk about life, laugh, cry, reflect on the past and they share thoughts. Grab a glass of coffee and leave a comment or two. For today's thought... Bob Marley says...

"Is this Love that I'm feeling?"

How do you know when you're really in love? Is it a condition or state of mind or is it just knowing? When you are in love, there is no question, no doubts, but acceptance. Acceptance for who you are or who that person is. When you are in love you give, expecting nothing in return.Too many times we get into relationships and we think we are in love, yet at the same time we are trying desperately to change a person or change something about a person. On the flip side, women will often times stay in relationships that aren't healthy. Love is not controlling, protecting or taking care of someone. When you do these things that person is not free and you are not in love.

Look at your own relationship and ask yourself..."Is this Love that I'm feeling?" Leave your comments and tell me what your thoughts are on love.

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  1. First of all, thank you for the Bob Marley video post! I dare say I am one of his biggest fans and I think his music makes most bad things better even if only for a few minutes. And, I couldn't agree more with your post about love. I think so many women don't figure this out until you learn the hard way (myself included). But, it is so important to have unconditional love in your life, whether it's from a man, your family, your children or your pets! (like my dog who I named Marley!! after Bob)

  2. Great song - and so what I need to read this week and perfect timing for to read this right now! I'll be dropping by tonight around an in person girls night.

  3. Hey Design knit, we've all been there, just take it one day at a time.

    It's your week Tara, you don't think Bob was accidental do you?? LOL


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