Friday, August 14, 2009

Girls Night Out Surprise Friday Feature!!!

Welcome to Girls Night Out with..........

Hello hello hello and welcome to another Friday night and weekend with Girls Night Out!! If you enjoy fun chatting, give-a-way's, and discovering new things then you've stopped by the right place.

Before I get started, I need to explain why I'm hosting tonights event instead of BKD Signature. Welllll, Brianne got called away to an exotic, tropical locale this week, and won't be able to attend tonight...but who could blame her for choosing champagne, cute cabana boys, and little paper umbrellas? Brianne was pretty bummed over not being able to be here tonight, but we'll be rescheduling her in a couple of weeks, have the pleasure of getting to know a little bit more about me this lets get started.

Come on in, there's plenty of food to choose from, and as always sweets galore. Refreshments have been provided by Davina over at Dove Chocolates again...girls love their chocolate. Unfortunately, I'm all out of Chocolate Martini's...for now... but Tara and Brooke agree to make up some Pineapple-Orange Margarita's for us all. Don't rush the kitchen all at once, they've had a couple already, so they're moving a l-i-t-t-l-e slow!

So I tried to get in touch with Tara Banks to see if she'd interview me, but she was all tied up this weekend in New York. Oprah had plans already with Gail and well, Barbara just laughed at me...oh well, tonight, you're going to have to put that imagination cap on a little extra tight, because I'll be interviewing myself...well...this should be fun! so lets get started...I give Gordon of Runako Designs!! (applaud now).

So, me...I mean Dee...tell us a little about yourself.
well, ladies, It's a pleasure to be here with you all tonight. I was so excited when I asked myself to do this feature! My name is Dee Gordon and I am the owner and creator of Runako Designs. I work a corporate job from 9-5 as an HR Manager and by night, I'm a soccer mom, football mom, Scout mom, jewelry designer and blogger. I enjoy reading, writing (go figure), listening to music and spending time with my son. I've been making jewelry now for 5 years and started my online business last year. I'll actually be celebrating my 1 year anniversary next month..yeah me!

I have a ...I mean, you have a lot going on Dee. How did you get started in your jewelry business?
Well, it all started out as an innocent hobby taught to me by a very nice lady. Then I started giving gifts for Christmas and I found out pretty soon, that this hobby was addictive, I couldn't stop buying beads...literally!! I was really enjoying what I was doing and people were actually asking me to make them things. So, I decided to make it official. Then about a year ago I decided I needed to be online to capture some sales there and to reach my customers and friends out of town. I renamed my business and launched Runako Designs last September!!

Every creative person is inspired by something..what inspires us?
I'm mostly inspired by the fact that people love my jewelry. My customers inspire me first and foremost. Secondly, I'm inspired by nature, ethnic beauty, especially African and Asian, and art that surrounds around me.

Tell them what motivates us while your at it?
Well, I'm motivated once again by my customers. Their continued purchases of my pieces inspires me to create different and better things. I'm also motivated by the fact that the extra income, has allowed me as a single parent, to do a few more extra things for and with my son. I'm also motivated by the fact that I have this entrepreneurial spirit and running my business lets me live that dream. And last but not least, I'm motivated by giving. I'm able to give through my business to some great organizations like Kiva, Beads For Life and Relay for Life.

Seems we're always working, but when we aren't What fun things do you enjoy, when your not working our business?
hmmm, that would consist of going to movies with my son..we love watching movies and eating popcorn..he definitely got the popcorn thing from me. It's nothing for us to eat a bag a night. I also enjoy reading, and hanging out with close friends. When I'm alone, it's all about a movie, a nice glass of wine and a chill pill!

I must say, I love it when we chill, but what's a time out just for Dee?
A time out for Dee is a weekend alone...all alone at the beach in the fall or spring. If I can't have that, it's a weekend at home with nothing to do. I'm talking pajama's all day folks...that's a real time out!

Yeah, when you do the pajama thing, I must say it scares me a little, not used to that all day...lets tell them about our three favorite online shops for girlie things?
Would that be this month or last?? Geezz, I've met sooo many wonderful handmade designers I don't just have a favorite, shop. Okay, I'm going to cheat right now...recently it's definitely been shopping with the unique women of UWIB. Browsing through the members shops has been amazing, they all have great girlie things and unique talent. Another favorite group shop are the artists of EAOC, and third would have to be Bath and Body Works, I could start a side business with this stuff!!

I must say, those two groups have been amazing finds, I hope everyone takes a look at the artists listed. I know who I enjoy watching, but who's your biggest hollywood crush?
I can't say I have just one. I probably can't say just two, but I'll limit it there tonight. If I had to really say who makes me swoon and who's movies I've watched over and over again, it would have to be Sean Connery and Morris Chestnut. I can't tell you how many times I've watched old James Bond movies and The Best Man, just to see these two. And Sean has definitely gotten more handsome with age. Another I"ll sneak in is Matthew McConaughey...he's just a sexy man..I just love his smile and Texas accent!

Trust me folks, when she says over and over again...she means it, if only I could hide The Wedding Planner...geezz...okay, Favorite chick Flick?
Would have to be Waiting to Exhale and Pretty Woman, I've watched them both a million times and the underdog of a woman always comes out it..both great movies if you haven't seen them.

If she doesn't know, I surely do...tell the nice guest about our Silliest thing we've ever done with girlfriend(s)...
well, I don't know if you'd call this silly, but its' definitely on the list of what were they thinking. I was a Senior in High School I believe, and a friend and I were suppose to be going to a show choir competition...yeah, I can sing a little bit, we lived in Richmond, Virginia and the competition was in Harrisonburg Virginia, I'll give you a hint...Harrisonburg is mountain territory. So, I don't remember why we drove, but we did not leave with the rest of the show choir. All I knew was Harrisonburg, in the mountains, Interstate 64, 2 1/2 hours. I can't tell you what my girlfriend knew, but we drove about 1 1/2 hours until I kept seeing water and knew we were headed to Virginia beach, still not really registering with me other than the fact that there were no mountains coming up anytime soon and we only had 1 hour to go in drive time. We stopped at an information center only to find out that we were suppose to be headed 64 west, not 64 east!! We turned around and headed back up 64west..missed the competition, met some guys, drove back to Richmond, then turned around and drove back to Harrisonburg that same night to hang out with the guys!!!...If our parents only knew!! I can't even remember why we drove back to Richmond, I only remember going to someone's house she knew, then driving back...I wonder if she remembers this????

I still shiver to this day over that crazy event, but we turned out okay. Here's the fun part, tell them quick what specials we came up with for this surprise weekend!
Well, we decided that since we had the opportunity to do this unexpected feature, why not celebrate our anniversary tonight ...early!! So here's the special deal. This deal applies to my Etsy shop and my jewelry goes from... *special does not apply to the Giving Necklace*

7:00 pm-10:00 pm Friday, August 14th - Everything is 35% off plus FREE shipping!

10:01 pm Friday August 14th - until midnight Saturday August 15th - Everything is 25% off

Midnight Saturday, August 15th - until 7:00 pm Sunday, August 16th - Everyting is 15% OFF

On both shops enter, GNO Guest in the comments section and the discounted difference, plus shipping if applicable will be refunded the night of your order.

Wow, that's probably next to the craziest thing you've ever done..but I love it..well there you have it ladies, we've spoken. But that's not all...tell them Dee...
For following along and being great girlfriends, we also decided to do a a couple of give aways this weekend too. All you have to do is: 1. Follow Girls Night Out blog 2. Visit both shops, then come back and let me know what your favorite piece is and why.
when you do two things above, you're name will be entered into a drawing Sunday night for these gorgeous earrings. If you purchase over the weekend, you'll get two extra entries for these earrings.
Etsy Shop
Runako Designs
For even more entries you can tweet this post, follow me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or follow my other blog Runako Designs. If you do these, you'll have to leave a comment and tell me where or send me a tweet @runakodesigns.

I'll also be doing an extra drawing
Saturday morning for all commentors for this great music CD from Desperate Housewives, just for getting your comments in early..and that about wraps it up!I don't know about yall, but my head it spinning! I think we've officially gone all out this weekend. I'm glad Dee's the one who's going to have to explain this to the bookkeeper!..... Tara and Brook, are we ever going to get those Margaritas?

After tonight you can find Dee and me at any of the following venues:

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Now go out and tell your friends about Girls Night out, grab a badge to the right and shout about it to all you know, and don't forget to check back throughout the weekend, someone may be talking to you. okay, now my head is hurting from too many personalities, I need to find some chocolate! Looks like I might have to make my own Margarita too!


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  1. Well since you mentioned pretty woman I must tell you Julia and I ahve talked in person. ABout fashion, places and well socks...because she was buying cashmere socks from me lol

  2. Dee! I'm working hard on making those margaritas! (but Brooke keeps drinking them...she is our resident trouble maker!) ha ha, ok, back to the blender it is!

  3. are you serious Robin??!!

    Tara, we're going to have to put shackles on Brooke..hands and feet!

  4. looks like I may have had one too many myself, I spelled Brookes name wrong in the post, LOL

  5. Yes I am serious. Whe she was in Mystic Pizza I met her and the whole crew, their parents, etc I helped get wardrobe for them too.

    I LOVE the mother of the bride earrings

  6. I also like the dancing earrings and Calypso in your Etsy

  7. Dee, great surprise feature! You are so inspiring with everything you do! The Best Man is one of my favorite movies... so much eye candy!

    Robin: what a cool story!! Julia Roberts seems like she'd be a really nice lady in person. Sounds like she is!

    Okay let's see, I am already a FB fan, I follow your blog, follow you on Twitter and I already twittered about this GNO post. I really love those Tasha Hoops! (and of course, the Twisted Violet Earrings which I already bought!)

  8. Robin, she's one of my favorite actresses, I really loved her in Pretty Woman, how cool that you got to meet her.

    Angelina, eye candy is a great term for that movie..whew!!

  9. Yes I follow you everywhere...and I am tweeting your shops I wish you a great night of business. I am having an awesome week!! Selling pieces every day!!

  10. Just popped in to say I am NOT a troublemaker- just adventurous! Be back later :) Keep the Margaritas cold for me, Tara!

  11. Am I too late to join this party? Doctor appt. with my son, then out to dinner and just walked in the door.

    I'll have some of Davina's yummy chocolate, if there's any left! I'll also have some Lemon Meringue with that chocolate ;-) Those earrings are so sunny - they would show up nicely with my dark hair.

    By the way LOVED that interview Dee - couldn't stop laughing, it was so much fun!

    I think I am following Runako all over - except don't do the twitter yet, I don't think, LOL.

    Ok, now I'm going to put my feet up awhile and relax - you all carry on!

  12. That's a good way of putting it Brooke, either way, I'm still waiting on my drink...what's the hold up in there!!

    Thanks Maria, glad you made,it, sounds lik you've had a busy busy day. Hope you weren't doing more than you should! Glad you dropped by, come back later this weekend when you've had some rest!

  13. Dee, you know I can't make those margaritas faster than Brooke can drink them! LOL, I kid, I kid, she only drinks on the internet! No seriously your drink is on the way! And I forgot to say earlier that I am already a fan / follower /etc. of all your sites!!

  14. Hey Dee ! happy weekend - cooking up some nachos that good go with the margaritas - actually was thinking a margarita sounded good while in my friday night class - however early morning of clinic for me - and looking for a tutu or netting for under a dress. already follow all mentioned - and love anything with pearls the most. especially the Dancing ones.


  15. Looks like I missed the party and the margaritas...darn it...! How you all feeling this morning...hehehehe..!
    It was great to get to know you better Dee...!

  16. Hi Dawn, you didn't miss it, we'll be here all weekend!! come back later or Sunday..

  17. We have one winner from Friday Night...Brooke won the Desperate Housewives CD for posting an early comment!!! Congratulations Brooke!!! send me contact information for your tape.

  18. Well, I'm back after a good night's sleep yesterday AND a nap today!

    Dee, I'm so excited to get the Lemon Meringue earrings :-) They are beautiful - and honestly, they were a steal! You were too kind with your sale.

    Congrats on your win, Brooke!

    My son made us mojitos tonight - not bad! We'll have to try them here some Friday ;-)

  19. I love Mojitos, especially when they are made very well..yummie. I put in mail this morning, so you should be getting them soon. going to get me some wine.

  20. Yea!!! Wow Dee. See how much fun GNO is? Great people and prizes too! Thank you :))))

  21. Well, Dee, I'll have to get my son's recipe :-) He makes a mean mojito - hmmm, interesting - especially since he only turned 21 TWO weeks ago. Must be a quick study, LOL.

    What is good these days is that kids are very conscientious about drinking and driving - they don't do it. On campus, that's another story, I think.

    I'm on to coffee and crumb cake now, but enjoy your wine, Dee!

  22. Sorry I couldn't make it! Looks like you all had fun! TTYL!

  23. Hi Brianne, how is your vacation going, so glad you had a chance to stop by, we can't wait to hear about your trip and get your feature up when you're back and settled in.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. See below, I had to move her comment from a different post, but this is from my girlfriend on the Harrisonburg trip!!

    Blogger MzTeeSpeak said...

    Girl I do remember .. we were soooooooooooooooo crazy. I think we went back to Richmond to drop someone off. Can't really remember, but yes ma'am I do remember that night ;)

    August 16, 2009 8:30 PM

  26. I totally missed the party this weekend, had a busy Saturday, and then I was sick with fevor yesterday. I hope everybody enjoyed the chocolate!



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