Friday, July 31, 2009

Girls Night Out with Angelina Fong Designs!!

Welcome to Girls Night out with....

"Welcome ladies, and do come right in. Tonight's hostess is Angelina from Angelina Fong Designs! I'd like to first thank Angelina for hosting this lovely event tonight and secondly thank all of you for stopping by."

"As you already know, no event starts here unless you have on your imagination caps. So let's take a minute to put those on before we get started. We'll get
started shortly, but scroll on through the pages and see who's here first. There's appetizers and drinks in the kitchen. As you can see I still have some Macarons left from Paris. I also decided to stick with the theme and go for some Chocolate Martini's from Dove Chocolates. They are to die for...seriously! Mingle a while while we wait for everyone to arrive. Angelina's from Bay Area, California, so you never know who might stop by tonight. "

"Okay, well, it looks like everyone is here, so lets get this party started! I would first like to introduce our host tonight, Angelina Fong and her wonderful designs. I met Angelina through blogging and she's become a wonderful friend. She' funny, talented, and an amazing artist, I'm so happy she's agreed to be here without further ado....."

Angelina, please start by telling us a little bit about yourself

"I'm a member of the corporate work force by day, designer/artist by night. A lover of good food, fine wine, great books, and all kinds of music - classic hip-hop, soul, R&B, and jazz. I love to laugh and have fun. People who know me, would say I'm quite outspoken (always speak my mind) and sarcastic. My mother once told me, "You can do anything you set your mind to." Her words have served as the foundation for my approach to life. I never look at a challenge as impossible. It's just a matter of how hard I am willing to work to achieve what I want."

How did you get started in your business?

"I've always loved to create beautiful things through a variety of creative mediums - sewing, knitting, crochet, and painting. Friends and family have been telling me for years, "you could totally sell this stuff!", but I always thought they were just being nice. After receiving more and more requests from friends and co-workers to buy my work, I decided to go full force and turn my hobby into a business!"

What inspires your designs or motivates you in your business?

"I draw much of the inspiration for my work from various elements of the Asian arts, jazz music and nature. What motivates me in business is just my love to create beautiful products. I'm always challenging myself with each new design or piece of art I create."

When you're not working your business, what fun things do you enjoy doing?

"I enjoy cooking, knitting, working out, reading, and shopping!"

What do you do when you need a "time out" for yourself?

"I sip on a nice glass of Cabernet with a good book or my latest knitting project."

Well, I've seen a few of your knitting projects and the socks are fab! Hopefully, you'll be selling them soon in your shop. Since you love to shop, I know you do shopping online, what are your three favorite online shops for girlie things, you'd like to recommend to the girls tonight?

Runako Designs (of course) - Jewelry to unveil your inner beauty
Melinda Mae - handbags for playful days and soulful nights.
Mocha Child Greetings - handcrafted cards and stationary

I'm honored Angelina!...I swear ladies, that plug was not a contingency to be featured!! Okay, so we all have a Hollywood crush, who's yours and why?

"Larenz Tate!! I've had a crush on Larenz Tate ever since I first saw him in that short lived TV show, "South Central". Then I saw "Love Jones" and that just did it for me. As for why, well if you've seen "Love Jones", you'll know why! If you haven't, go rent the DVD!! I'm glad to see he has made a return in recent films like "Ray" and the FX series "Rescue Me". He's still looking good!!"

Can someone pass Angelina an ice cold drink so she can finish this interview! I think talking about Larenz got her worked up a bit don't you? So, what's your favorite chick flick?

"It's a tie between "Love Actually" and "Brown Sugar." I love them both evenly!"

Share with us the silliest or funniest thing you've ever done with your girlfriends.

"After college, my then roommates and I decided to throw a classy cocktail party at our house as a sign of our new found maturity and sophistication (or so we thought!). We went all out planning the hors d'oeuvres and cocktail menu. I even painstakingly cut off all the crust on the little cucumber sandwiches! We requested that all our guests dress in appropriate "cocktail" attire and greeted each of them at the door with loungey jazz music playing in the background. Everything was going quite lovely throughout the evening until someone forgot to keep an eye on the fondue pot and it suddenly burst into flames, taking half the hors d'oeuvres table with it!! All of a sudden, everyone started running around frantically trying to put out the fire. So much for sophisticated and classy!"

what a great story, I wouldn't be surprised if one of those old roommates showed up this weekend! So, what specials do you have for the ladies tonight?

"I'll be offering 15% off all purchases from my Etsy shop this weekend. All they have to do is mention Girls Night Out in the message to seller at checkout."

Well ladies, there you have it...Sophisticated and classy Angelina Fong, and a special discount to go with it!!

Angelina will also be hosting a give-a-way this weekend for all those who have stopped by to party with us. She'll be giving away a set of her newly created, not yet listed, Marrakesh coasters (set of 4). All you have to do is be a follower of Girls Night Out, then visit her Etsy shop and look around, come back here and post your favorite item and why you like it.
Now...For additional entries, you can tweet about this give away, follow angelina's blog, follow her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter. Just let us know in your comments, what you've done and the name that you can be found under, as well as the link to your tweet if applicable. Also, if you make a purchase this weekend let us know, because you'll get 3 extra entries for supporting one of the girls AND your name will be entered in a second give away from me for a wooden jewelry box, you reap the benefits of my de-cluttering last week... It's brand new! Entries must be in by 5:00 pm Sunday.
After tonight you can find Angelina at any of the following venues:

Facebook Fan Page:

Now go out and tell your friends about Girls Night out, grab a badge to the right and shout about it to all you know, and don't forget to check back throughout the weekend, someone may be talking to you. okay, now my mouth is dry, I'm going to make me a Martini..."hey, where's that ice cold drink for Angelina?"


When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at


  1. A big thanks to Dee for allowing me to be the first guest hostess on Girls Night Out! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

  2. Angelina - can I put my jewelry tools in your knitting roll?

  3. I'm running late, just got back from getting my hair done, I had planned to have a chocolate Martini in my hand by to make one :)

  4. I *love* the Tai pretty and it would match my living room decor perfectly!!

  5. Dee, not sure what your jewelry tools look like or their dimensions, but I think it could work! I can always custom make you a kimono roll for your tools too. Just send me the sizes we'll need to accommodate!

  6. Thanks Sara! The Tai pillow is actually one of my personal favorites as well!

  7. Hi Sara!

    Angelina, I'm going to keep looking, but I've been eying those, the other option is to get it for my mom, who just started knitting, but I'm thinking she's going to have to show me a little more initiative, LOL. I'll see if I can find those dimensions.

  8. Welcome Angelina! Nice to meet you on Dee's GNO! You do have some lovely things on your site. I am liking the needle holders - probably the Samara, as I'm partial to purple ;-)

    Before making jewelry, I was a decorative painter - these would be great for my brushes - and also a great travel bag for makeup brushes! Hmmm...maybe I need two? LOL

    I tried to sign up to follow you - but there were no options besides google, so sorry, couldn't do it.

  9. Hi Ladies! Sorry I'm late, I'm on West Coast time kids are still up. I'll read along and catch up.

  10. Dee - That was a great first GNO! I look forward to more!

    Angelina - Thanks for the shout out...I love your designs as well. So relaxing and natural!

    Have a Great evening and wonderful weekend ladies!

  11. Hi Maria, I'm trying to figure out how to get my tools in one of those pouches! LOL

    Christine, your not late, we'll be here all weekend, thanks for stopping by and looking forward to seeing you at many more GNO's!

  12. Maria, nice to meet you as well!

    Thanks to all you ladies for stopping by and the kind words! With all the talk about the knitting needle/jewelry/makeup brush holder, I think I just may need to make some more! I originally wasn't going to make any more of these, but judging by how popular they've been this evening, I may just have to get sewing!

  13. I really like this one:

    "Bubble Lounge Two" because it reminds me of the GNO design! It is so fun, and has a retro feel to it.

  14. This bubbles painting reminds me of GNO! It's my favorite! Fun Girl's Night Out, Dee!

  15. HI Tara and Booke, thanks for stopping by, you two think alike are you related?? LOL

    hadn't thought about make up brush holder, but that works too Angelina.

  16. sorry i'm running late yall! but it looks like i'm just in time for a giveaway, woot!

    welcome, angelina! your shop is lovely. my favorite is the Tai pillow... it looks divine!

    i'm off to the kitchen for cocktails, being careful to watch for flaming fondue pots along the way...

  17. i just became a fan of angelina on facebook!

  18. Hee heee, Hi Lorri, that was classic!! Angelina, you won't live that one down I can tell.

  19. LOL. Thanks Lorri. Because you just became a Facebook fan, I'll let that little smart remark slide... for now... = P

    Just a little side story about "Bubble Lounge too," I added the "too" because it is actually the sister painting to one I originally created for a friend a few years ago. Hers is called "Bubble Lounge." You can see it here in my FB album:

  20. snagged me up a cute little metro wrap before someone else did *sticking tongue out* I can't wait to get it!!

  21. Actually, a knitting roll would be practical for me, but actually going to go with Cerise which tied with the other red and gold bamboo pillow. Red and gold are good luck in feng shui and would be great for decking out a treatment room or office when done with school.

    i thought id drop by before bed and say hi - no coctails for me - weekend tomorrow at 1. Donnielle

  22. i love her tai pillows...they would totally complement any decor....and they seem like quite a favorite here too..nice going, pillows!!!

    check out her paintings, they are simple and gorgeous....i am smitten by Kind of Blue...not a huge fan of blue myself, but these would lovely in my sis's bedroom.

    dee, iam a follower of your blog

    and i have been following angelina's blog for quite a while now!!!

    I heading over to FB to become a fan of her shop page. Save me a martini, i will be back!

  23. LOL, yes me and Shopmollyd are cut from the same cloth aren't we? I had to comment again and say there is some stiff competition this week! I'm not surprised, Angelina's work is beautiful!

    PS-I followed your blog and FB page too Angelina! Oh, and your blog design is gorgeous!!

  24. Good morning Noble, glad you stopped by, there's plenty more martinis and coffee for this morning.

  25. Whoo! Martinis and coffee for brekafast.. now that's how you kick off a weekend!

    Noble Beeyotch, KMT, Shopmollyd thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! If you have FB fans pages, please link me so I can fan you all back!

  26. Thanks Dee for your purchase! You are just TOO sweet! You already gave me this lovely feature and now a purchase too?! Cheers!

  27. I'm know following Angelina on twitter and her blog. Plus alert enough to want to edit my post when half asleep from a few nights ago. Maybe I should blame it on too many chocolate martini's ;)

  28. LOL, I may have had one too many myself..

  29. hey, I just got in! Didn't know deadline was 5 pm! I'm walking sloooow these days!

    Anyway, I bought one of the beautiful Kimono Organizer Rolls from Angela, for makeup brushes when I travel. She is sweet enough to make one just for me in beautiful colors! Now that's a true GF!

  30. Yes, yes! I just became a fan of Angelina's FB! I know because it says I did on my home page. Can you tell I'm kind of new to social media? LOL

    I did try to follow Angelina's blog page - but no can do! No non-google options. This is too sad :-( Unless there's something I missed, then let me know!

    Angelina and Dee, thank you both for a fab weekend! Can't wait to get my Kimono Roll! See you next Friday!

  31. Yay Maria just purchased a custom kimono roll! Thanks Maria! Due to all your feedback, I was motivated to sew more kimono rolls. Pictures to follow next week. And also thanks to all your feedback, I'm going to start marketing these as knitting/art brush/makeup brush/craft tools organizers.

  32. Yeaahhh, so glad you 1. got some ideas from the ladies this weekend for a great new product 2. made some sales 3. got some new followers and friends and 4. had some fun..that's what GNO is all about!!

    Maria, I caught your purchase before I did the drawing, I saw your "little" custom order ticket in her shop! LOL.

  33. Thanks ladies for stopping by and again, thank you so much Dee for such a great GNO feature! This was so much fun. Can't wait see who's the winner of the coasters!


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