Friday, August 28, 2009

Girls Night Out - Deserted Island Getaway

Welcome to another Girls Night Out weekend. We'll be taking a break from features for a couple of weeks as I personally get ready for back to school. So, I thought I'd incorporate some other fun things into these wonderful weekends, that will inspire you with something to post about on your own blog if you have one and give you a break from thinking as well.

This weekend, we'll be doing something different and we'll just call it a Blog party until I come up with something else. I'll do all the thinking, you just enjoy the writing and comments. I'm going to give you a blog theme to post on your blog for the weekend, you blog about it, then post your link in Mr. Linky below. You can blog with word, pictures videos or whatever you come up with. Come back during the weekend and visit the links below for other bloggers posts and leave comments on their post...that's it! Oh, and grab a Girls Night Out badge to the left and post it at the heading of your post, so all will know that you're participating in a Girls Night Out event.

What's the point? We'll get to learn about all other girlfriends, find some interesting blogs and hopefully have some fun. so, on with the party and I'll start to get us all going, leave your comments then visit everyone else.

Girls Night Out on a Deserted Island

"If you had to plan to be stranded on a deserted island for a month , what 10 things would pack or take along with you besides clothes and toiletries?"

1. without a doubt, there would be a man involved...for warmth of course :) (clean blog here, LOL) and that man would be Idris Elba..he's British and he's HOT!!

2. Of course I'd have to have some nice wine, water would be nice, but that would bring me down to 7 remaining things. With this fella coming along I think I could live off of fish and island plants..Gilligan did it! LOL

3. My camera. I imagine there would be plenty of beautiful things to take pictures of and I could incorporate into some jewelry designs.

4. Sleeping bag or blankets just in case we're fighting the elements

5. matches, can't imagine trying to remember my Girl Scout skills for making a fire.

6. a book...who am I kidding!

7. Some rope. It would have to be useful for something, not sure what, but the Robinson family had some!

8. A knife, again would have to be a useful tool for something

9. a Carpenter and his tools!

10. jewelry and tools...I rarely go anywhere without them!

Don't forget scroll down to leave your comments, post the link to your blog below link after you've posted to your blog, then come back and visit other blogs this weekend..have fun!

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  1. I missed the slumber party in Paris? That stinks!

    Hi Dee, what a fun idea! Hmm...I'll have to think about this one...10 things...that's tough.

    I hope your island has a cool breeze or maybe that gorgeous man could just fan you with a giant palm frond ;-).

    xoxo Cori

  2. Hi Cori, yes, the slumber party in Paris was lots of fun, we'll be traveling again soon, so looking forward to you being there with us..can't wait to see what you take on your island, hope its one of your kayaks.

  3. and btw...that gorgeous man could do anything he wants with me!!

  4. Hey Dee - all that eye candy AND a British accent? I guess you won't be leaving that desert island anytime soon! LOL

  5. haha Dee funny about the man (in a clean way of course) fun idea -so far my surfboard and acupuncture kit and a well - gotta think of the rest - hopefully if other person ends up on my list - they can bring there own ten things and share too (ie already know 2 things on their list)

  6. Donielle, can't wait to read your list and who is this other person??

    Maria, yeah, I may have to get an extension on my stay, LOL.

  7. Mine's going to be a little different...Mollyd herself will be listing the 10 most important things the well-prepared doxie should take! Off to work on the list!

  8. Followed your blog, Loretta. I work with poly clay, too!


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