Sunday, July 26, 2009

Treasure Hunt Winner!!!!!!!!!!

There is none!! That's right, there is no winner this week to report.

Sooooo, I'm feeling the love here, because my real girlfriends would have given me the truth too, not so quietly, but they would have definitely said..."have you lost your mind?, "who has time for this?, "you couldn't come up with something easier?"...but it really was easy :)... You guys sent a very clear message this weekend...Treasure Hunts are never coming back!! I know you looked though, because the numbers show it, so thanks for peeking in. This weeks GNO was like thinking you're going to the Emmy's and you ended up at a High School Graduation; however..I do hope you did take the opportunity to read through the posts and when you get a chance, do check out the links if you've ever thought about going to Australia.. it is a wonderful vacation idea.

Thanks to everyone who did RSVP to say that they read the post, but just didn't have the time to play along or to let me know they were of town and lacking on time., I'll be posting the answers tomorrow, or not...haven't decided yet, I'm pouting............NOT! Maybe I'll just leave it up and if someone decides they want to post answers, I'll hold the necklace as their prize for now.

So, let leave this as the Girls have spoken and Treasure Hunts are not welcome. Stay tune for our Featured Girlfriend for next Friday night!


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