Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girl's Night Out Launches July 17th!

What's better than hanging out with a bunch of the girls on a Friday and Saturday night having fun? Nothing in my book! That's why I've come up with what I think is a pretty cool idea that will be featured on Friday's, and I'm calling it Girls Night Out. Fella's you're welcome to tag along, but you must follow the rules.

We'll be traveling the world, shopping, having Spa nights, Scavenger hunts, etc. all weekend from the comfort of your home. Commenting as we go along, and having a hoot of a time!..and my hopes is that we'll build some great relationships, support each others businesses, catch some great deals and most of all have fun!

So, what's the point you ask? My hopes is that readers will comment through out the weekend as they can, visit some of the great links, participate in some of the fun activities, shop, travel, meet some new folks, follow some new blogs, relax and have some fun! I'll be featuring other Indie artists and business owners and we'll have some great give-a-way's as well.

So, if you're ready, I'm ready, and my first feature will be July 17th! grab a badge on the side of the blog, and post on your blogs or websites and link back to this post, that will always explains the details and invite your friends and customers to join a Girls Night Out!

Wanna Be Featured?
If you're interested in being featured, please email me and let me know, there are no fees at this time, but there are a few rules:

1. You must be a follower of Runako Designs and Girls Night Out blogs.

2. You must either have a website, blog or other official online store to be featured.

3. Your website or blog, must be about handcrafted or handmade items or other retail items that are of interest to the female shopper or the theme of this blog.

4. If you own an online store, or make handcrafted items, you must be willing to offer a give-a-way, special or discount to guest during the event.

5. If you have a blog, you must be up to date with current posts for the past 3 months.

6. If you are requesting to be featured, you must post the hostess badge above to your sites, and promote the week leading up to the event once notified of your feature date. If you don't begin promoting your feature by Sunday the week of the event, your name will be removed and your spot passed along to the next person.

7. If requesting to be featured, you must have all information for your post to me no later than the Saturday 8:00 pm Central time, before your feature, or someone else will take your spot, to include photos, specials, shop information, links, etc. I'm a busy gal, so I will not be sending out reminders for this information.

8. Your featured shop will remain a permanent post on this site for as long as you are a member.

Well, that's about it for now! (guidelines subject to change as we go along and I learn). Pass along this exciting event and let's start having some FUN!!



  1. This sounds very cool and like a lot of fun! I wanna be featured!

  2. I'm hoping we have a lot of fun if interested, send me an email..thanks

  3. Love the idea! Sending you an e-mail.


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