Friday, July 17, 2009

Slumber Party in Paris - Girls Night Out

Welcome to.....Girls Night out In Paris

Welcome to my Slumber Party in Paris! Thank you so much for joining me on this weekend abroad. I've gone all out, to make this a special trip for all of you. I hope you brought your favorite pajamas, and if not, you can pick up some along the way, because we'll be shopping and bopping about town having a merry old time.

Now, I must stop here to say....if you don't have an imagination, there is no need to go any further...seriously. But, If you can close your eyes for a moment or two and imagine no limits to spending, total relaxation and a weekend away from kids, work and family to hang out with the girls, then this party is for you!! Take in each photo and close your eyes and let it take you to this wonderful place called Paris (Pa-ree). This is probably as close to Paris as I'll get, because I refuse to fly, so you can imagine that I have one heck of an imagination!!

Follow me as we stroll along to our hotel. I think you're going to be pretty happy with our stay for the weekend. It may set me back for a few years, but nothing less for my girlfriends on our first Girls Night out!

Don't you just love the streets of Paris. I've been in awe all week at the sites to be seen, the shopping galore and Hollywood Stars I've bumped into along the way. Paris just seems to come alive at night and there is always something to do.

aaahhhh..We're the Hotel Plaza Athenee....

Breathtaking!.......and our room...

Welcome to the Royal Suite .......

4,480 sq ft in size, with a view of the Avenue Montaigne the courtyard and the Eiffel Tower! Everything you need will be at your fingertips this weekend. Antiques and silk accessories, gold threaded drapes... this place will make your eyes spin and all the fabrics are from the leading designer houses in Paris. It's like owning our own little corner of Paris for a couple of days!

No fighting for the bathroom this weekend, we have two turkish baths and, two remote controlled showers, with Italian marble mosaic engraved in glass...I can't even say that without taking a deep breath just thinking about it. And let me not forget the steam shower jacuzzi, and plasma rotating television. problem!! We will each be scanned for digital finger prints for access to the room...Annnnddd... when we're ready to roll....we have access all weekend to this!!!....... A Maserati Quattroporte!! We are definitely invading on the secrets of the rich and famous this weekend...don't think I'm not paying for all this luxury, you bet I am...I won't even tell you how much. Lets just say a LOT!

I've already had drinks and appetizers brought up...

I hope you're hungry, but snack light ladies;
because, we'll be heading downstairs shortly for some pampering at....

The Dior Institute

...okay, I lot of pampering..hey, it's a slumber party!!....I have some facial and body treatments already picked out for us....This is where you may need to close your eyes for 10-20 minutes and send the children to the neighbors!

After the spa, we'll head back to the room for a fun night of catching up and enjoying the wild side, because tomorrow we'll......

Visit the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris...

Shop on the Avenue Montaigne where we may see a few Stars...
stroll through the famous Passages of Paris for more shopping.

And yes we have a mission, this weekend is all about....

purses and.....

and shoes.....
And in case you're wondering...yes, these shoes were for sale, but I'll tell you where later...

And before each of you take your leave I'll be gifting you with one of my favorites to nibble upon, on your flights back home....
French Macarons

Thank you, thank you so much for joining me. I'll be taking names and numbers for a place to live the next couple of years to pay for this little trip, but I wouldn't trade a minute of if for anything else.

Now if you made it this far, you are a true girlfriend with a deep imagination and I'd like to give you a chance to win something special just for hanging out with us on this first Girls Night Out! All you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment and list your best estimate of prices for the shoes, the hotel room and the candy from our weekend. Everything comes straight from Paris, and be a follower of Runako Designs blog.

For an additional entry, you can:
1. blog about Girls Night Out for three extra entries before Sunday Night.
2. tweet about this post for 1 extra entry
(leave a post with links to these posts)

I'll be drawing a winner Sunday Night for a pair of Kazuri Beaded earrings!!! And who knows, I may just have so much fun, I'll be giving away a few other things. We're no regular group of Girlfriends here and this isn't your typical blog, so if you're interested in hosting a give-a-way this weekend, email me and we'll do a drawing for your gift too!!

Bon jour my friends we're just starting out, it will only get better!!

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at


  1. oooooooooooo! What fun! I've never been to Paris! OK I think the shoes are $1200, the candy is $75, and the hotel room for the weekend is $$2300. That's my guess and I'm sticking to it!
    Going off to tweet about Girl's night out :)

  2. Oh la la! I feel like I actually went to Paris!! now, I know about the YSL cage sandals, and I believe those are $1490. the candy..hmmm I'll say $200. And the room, for the weekend, $1500. Wow, nothing but the best for your girlfriends! Oh, and I am going to do a blog post about this right now!

  3. shopmolly, I had so much fun researching Paris, I can only dream of going. To think I wanted to go to London, but my dream trip may not be Paris!

  4. Here is my post link!

  5. Ok, two nights Royale Suite - $56,522 (but that includes use of the Maserati and other goodies!)

    The YSL Cage Boot retails for $1,590 (but I can let my GFs know where they can get a pair for $899!)

    Oh and a box of about 20-24 Laduree macarons - enough to share with lots of GFs - are about 35 euros, er, excuse me, about $49.46.

    Dee, I'm having so much fun with this! My family is from the south of France, so I've made many trips there - but I've only been to Paris once, for 5 days. It's absolutely magical! I would seriously rethink that fear of flying. Just make sure you take a US-based airline ( a tip from my aerospace engineering days!)

  6. I love your imagination Dee. I could truly picture myself in Paris. I have been there and this brought back many fond memories, although my accomodations were nothing like this. And all the la la!

    I will guess that the hotel is $10,000 for the weekend. The shoes are around $1500 and the candy at $100.

  7. flying is on my bucket list Maria for those last days, LOL Just thinking about it gives me chills, it's just not natural, LOL!! I guess when my imagination stops working, I may have to give it a try, but that's a mighty big might!!

  8. Paris is my dream day I'll be there. The, I'll give it a shot. How about on sale you found them for $500, candy $50 and the lovely hotel room 2,000 for the whole weekend.
    I enjoyed visit Paris in my pink nightgown.

  9. Loretta - we'll only be traveling in style on Girls Night Out, where you're imagination will take you anywhere!

    Shell - maybe tonight you'll dream up your own vacation, I have a feeling I'll be dreaming about Paris for weeks, I've seen so many beautiful things online doing this.

  10. Haha I thought I might be the only one to know the truth about those shoes...oh my addiction to Elle magazine

    YSL Heels- 1,590 msrp

    Weekend at Athenee- 1,100

    Candy- 65

  11. Shelly, I think I'm the only one who had never seen those shoes!! I was like WOW! they're HOT!

  12. Haha Dee, well now that you've seen them, I can assure you you'll never forget them! They are definitely one of a kind. They don't even look walkable right?

  13. Dee that was maaaavelous! Great job with this night out in Paris! Loving all the photos! Okay here are my guesses:

    Hotel: $60,000
    Shoes: $1600
    Candy: $100
    Girls Night in Paris: Priceless = )

  14. Just tweeted (is that the right word for it?) about A Girls Night Out in Paris!

  15. Love this post! I just have to say that we have a 2009 Maserati parked in our garage right now! It is the company car of an uncle of our SIL. He gets to drive it some, not me. I don't want to be responsible for a $140,000 car!!!

  16. I feel intoxicated! whew! What a trip!

  17. how fun, dee! sorry i arrived late. you were all passed out so i ate all of the candy and danced on the table in those fabulous shoes!

    here are my guesses on the goodies... room 20 grand, shoes 1,600, and candy 180. the candy was fabulous, by the way!

    thanks for having me along for the party!

  18. Suzanne - I hope you've at least taken a drive in it!! My son would die for that.

    Robin - thanks for tagging along!

    Dirt - nobody's late, you're just in time.

  19. Wow what a trip! The best part for me...The spa I actually went twice! and no jetlag :). My daughter went to Paris in March but didn't get to see such extravagance so couldn't help me with prices. I can't even guess except maybe the candy. She thought a box of 4 might cost $100.00. I can't imagine a room for 10,000. but I'll take it and the shoes? well 1000.00? I'll post about our girls night by Sunday at http:/ Looking forward to the next girls night!

  20. Awesome concept Dee...!! Way to go....!!! Can we try Sydney Australia soon..???

  21. Ha ha Eccentric, can you imagine that spa? you have to see their website, it's awesome, all the white, just relaxes you completely.

    Caly - Australia sounds like a neat request, we'll have to put it on the list :)

  22. OK I have to confess that while you were all passed out from the chocolate and champange, I snuck out of the hotel and have been having a wild time with some very cute French men!!!! All on the up and up but still...don't tell my husband! And let me sleep late in the morning! I'll need expresso!

  23. oh oh,looks like we had a run away during the night! That is too funny!! Did you take the Maserati for a spin too? LOL

  24. Ok Dee I just posted at my blog with some of my daughters photos! This has been fun I'm looking forward to your next girls night out! here is my link and I twittered yesterday and i am going to again now. twitter/sherrimash.
    Have a great day!

  25. love the idea of your blog! Hotel, 25K and up, YSL Cage Boot, 1400, macaroons, 180? thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Thanks Eccentric, your photos look great! Anyone that hasn't take a look at the desserts she's posted on her website!


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