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Fantastic Treasure Hunt Voyage!!!!!!

Fantastic Treasure Hunt Australian Voyage

"Ahoy Mates!! Welcome to the second Girls Night Out online blog party! We continue our traveling ventures this week, while I'm putting together some different party events to come... so, in the meantime, just enjoy the ride and sites to see. If you haven't figured it out by now we're going on a Fantastic Treasure Hunt Voyage to Australia!!! Yes, by the request of one of our girlfriends, I've made it possible...anything for my girls!"

"As always, you'll need to take a minute to put on your imagination hats, close your eyes and get your mind in the right place. Take a minute here..............

"Okay, so here's how the Treasure hunt will go. You'll probably need to take some notes as you go along this weekend. Last week was a breeze, but this week, you'll have to do a little more work. I'll be your travel guide as we cruise along, but you'll have to guess the sites to see. I'll provide clues and links as hints, but you'll have to come up with the answers (click the question to go to the provided link) Okay, okay, keep your girdles on, I won't make it hard...promise :) Take good notes, because the final instructions will be there for you when we dock back in Sydney.

"One of my all time favorite music groups has joined us again tonight and they'd like to open the party with one of their all time hits, so let's get this party started with some music and the lakeside spank!"

WOW!! "I remember loving that song, and it still gets me spanking today, just as much as it did back in the.....okay..maybe I won't go there, but as my son would say, it's an oldie!"

Here we go............

"We have a couple of hours before the ship sets sail, some of you are already looking quite pale. So lets take a walk to the Ferry sea side for a buck or two, we may get a ride; to a place large in scale, with fins of a whale. Here the locals all say that on any given day, music and dance can be heard far away."
What attraction is it?

"I can hear the ship a calling, so it's time for us to sail, to our first destination, so I hope all is feeling well. First on the agenda is New Castle in a day, please enjoy your cabins on this grand 11 day stay; for our ship is an epic poem with maiden voyage in 1997, I chose nothing less than the best as you know, I wanted it to be like heaven. Godchild to Bodil Wilhelmsen, Rock climbing wall and all, pillows fresh with chocolate and petals, good night and sleep well to all." What ship are we sailing on?
ship name, not cruise line

"In New Castle we'll see beaches galore, with sand that reaches way up to the shore. Explored by John Shortland, on his accidental tour, we're bound to see history as we walk out the door. Safe until high tides, we can bask and enjoy the glory, each with it's own character and some carry their own story. Not your traditional shower, no soap in site at all; yet ropes to hold onto as the waves pound the wall. such a magnificent setting, I don't want to go, but we must move on or we'll be left and that's for sho! "
Where are we enjoying the afternoon?

(beautiful picture from M & D Photographic Imaging)

"oh, you all must be so tired from a day of so much fun, we have so much more to see, we are no where near done. But never fear, food is near as we board the ship to dine. what's that? Kangaroo, no I"ll pass... I'll take a salad, some amber fluid then chase it down with wine." What meat goes in the iconic Australian Meat Pie?

"Hope you weren't fooled by the sweet kangaroo, if so go back and try something new, you have until morning to find the recipe, while the rest of us wil. party and enjoy a nice coldie. We'll party more with Lakeside, do some spanking and a few things new, but tomorrow we dock at Willis Island for another spectacular view."

"Don't blink or you just might miss it, and it's inhabitant of three. Just beyond the great Barrier Reef , there's something unique, you just must see. There's a sea bird on this island, strange some may say, but is he just being protective as you or I just may? Watch closely for his nest for they lay amongst the ground, buried in the sand, yet easily seen and found. If you get too close you'll see that he'll begin to hop away, with a broken wing (or is it?) to entice you, for right now you seem to him a prey. But his trick has worked again today, because he's led another stranger astray."

What species of bird it is?

"Port Douglas is next in line, the Great Barrier Reef site is divine. A favorite holiday destination for many, with resorts and hotels that cost a good penny. The Four Mile Beach, seaside cafes, I could stay here for a couple of days. Fishing villages are the mainstay here, but there's another site I think that you'll endear. There's a restaurant back home that's named after this place, in 13 states across the USA. The walk will be dense, but not dry, there's your hint so give it a try. On this tourist site, you'll find a list of seven, but only choose one place for day 4 out of 11. "

What will we be exploring at Port Douglas today?

"Cairns ,Australia is further up the sea they say, It's the jewel of Australia where most Aussies take holiday. Casinos, woodlands, bungee jumping, beaches and more; skyrails, camping, volcano lakes, and zoos, all waiting for us to explore. Our main destination is a place filled with sights and sounds. the top is smooth, unlike that of a crown. We'll be safely enclosed at the top of the tower, so no worry the weather, but we have only 3 hours. "

What attraction will we visit in Cairns?

"oh, did I tell you guys I had a dream on the ship last night about the cricket team we saw?...................... Focus Dee!!

"Okay, so this dream must have been a prelude to today, for Airlie Beach is not far away. We'll travel a while so hang out and relax, the ship will send a signal when it's time to lower the hatch. Grab your bathers, sun lotion, hat's and glasses, don't forget. We'll be here for a while, at least until sunset. Maritime floss guides of there, side by side we shall be, thousands swarm for a glimpse, something just bumped against my knee. The blue light, the clear atoms all too much to take home, silence all around but we are not alone."
What are we doing at Airlie Beach

White Sunday Islands discovered by James cook is a group of 74 islands on the Coral Sea, that were reportedly found on the seventh Sunday after Easter, known as White Sunday.
wish you were here mom,

"So, back to the ship for our last nights of fun, Brisbane is coming up then our travels will be done. Capital here we come, shopping, night life and sites galore. But feasting and dancing all tonight is what the ship has in store.""Wake up sleepy heads, no hangovers for us today, Brisbane awaits our arrival if you miss, it will be to your dismay. For the capital of Australia is all glitz and glam they say, it's easy on the eyes and t, we don't want to miss any of this day. The Queen Street mall is not far away, South bank and of course China Towne, xxx Ale House, Story Bridge and hearding of sheep, we'll have so much excitement, we may not be able to sleep. Last on the list is some place we'll all enjoy, home to special creatures, and I know you'll all want a toy. Tan and white are their signature color, search the world over and you'll find no other. Their home was a first, built in 1927, the largest of its kind, chop, chop, they bus pulls out at Eleven."
Where is out last stop of the day?

This little fella told me to give you a big hint for making it this far!

So back to the ship, we're finally heading home, Sydney here we come, where next...Maybe Rome?

WOW!! what another exciting and learning adventure of a trip that was. I learned so much about Australia this week, I feel like a big book of knowledge. I hope you enjoyed the sties and I truly hope you took a minute or two to read some of the interesting sites you searched. Australia is a beautiful place, I had no idea. From the movies I envisioned, crocodiles, heat, kangaroos and dry land, but what a surprise!
So, here's the rules and instructions:

1. To participate in the give away- you must be a follower of Runako Designs and this blog.
2. You Must leave two comments, one with your answers and a separate post with your experience of the treasure hunt. for this, you two entries for correct answer and one entry for just posting, and one for posting your experience.

3. For additional entries: blog about this Treasure hunt (3), tweet about this treasure hunt and copy me @runakodesigns (1) follow me on Facebook (1) Post the Girls Night Badge on your blog (2). If you do either of these, please leave me a comment telling me what you've done and a link to your blog if it applies.

The lucky winner in the drawing Sunday night will receive this beautiful handmade necklace. Made with sterling silver components, Aventurine, Smoky Quartz and Freshwater pearls.

If you have something you'd like to feature as a give a-way this weekend as well, email me and we'll do it all on Sunday.

Unveiling and pooped,

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