Friday, September 11, 2009

Girls Night Out - Dorm Night Feature!!

Welcome to Girls Night Out with....
Hello ladies and welcome back to another weekend and Friday night full of fun! Tonight, we're going to have a dorm party! Well, not like the dorm parties any of us went to of course...clean blog here!! But we're going to be partying with BKD Signature Designs, and she's not only a college student, who just moved back to school, but also a very talented artist.

I've done a little extra decorating around here to give it a little campus feel, so make your self right at home while we wait for everyone to arrive. I found these cool removable wall decals so thought I'd dress up the corners a bit too. And who could ever forget the fabulous crate furniture! I think the every college board must have had stock in this stuff!! But it sure did endure the rough life for years..gotta give it that. Grab a seat! We all can't fit on the futon, so you know what's next...the FLOOR!!

If you all ate like I did in college, you probably already know what's on the menu for tonight...that's right Pizza and Chinese take-out! And for's BYOB, so I hope you brought your own, because we're on a tight college budget tonight!

Well, looks like everyone had made it, since I started to show you around the room, so let's get started with a long overdue Girls Night Out! So without further adieu I give you Brianne Durkin of Carmichael, California!! (applaud now)

Brianne, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, as you said, I'm originally from Carmichael, California. I'm attending college in McMinnville, Oregon where I am a college student studying to be a Psychology major with a Studio Art minor. I am in a sorority and absolutely love it. My favorite color is blue and I am addicted to Etsy!

So, how did you get started in your business?
I have been crafting all my life and enjoy creating all sorts of new things. I was introduced to Etsy last summer by a friend and decided this year to start selling. I love to create, but don't need all the stuff, so I'm excited to send my creations to loving homes. I'm not sure how I came up with the name - it sort of just popped into my head. I wanted to use my name and another word, just like celebrities do with their line. So my initials and another word that sounded fancy gave me BKD Signature!

I really love your little kitty in your banner. So, What inspires your designs and motivates you in your business?
I am motivated by my love of creating and my passion for handmade. I love learning how to make everything, so I am constantly expanding my skill set. When I see a medium that I like, I strive to learn how to use it. I want to be the person that knows how to do everything. What also motivates me is the fact that I can earn money to pay for college. I am saving up for my Master's and it's very scary and daunting knowing how much I'll have to pay for that!

I can relate to that, just thinking how much it will cost to send my son to college gives me gray hairs, and I don't know how you find the time! So, when you're not working your business and studying, what fun things do you do ?
I enjoy hanging out with friends and being a part of a sorority. I love to read and learn. I also love to bake and cook. I have a million recipes and cook books already, and I'm only 21.

Maybe one day you'll come up with something cool for the cooking arena, like some funky pot holders or cookbook stands. Do you ever get a total "time out" for yourself?
When I do, I set aside a whole day of relaxing, doing only what I want to do. I try not to worry about my To-Do List, but rather enjoy the day off.

yeah, a to-do list is more like a forever list..what are your three favorite online shops for girlie things you'd recommend to the ladies?
Etsy, Bath and Body Works, and Sephora

Who is your biggest crush in Hollywood and why?
Zac Efron. I'm convinced he's my soul mate :)

Watch out Vanessa! I have to admit, he did a great job in his movie and High School Musical and if I were uuggh...younger, I'd fav him as well! What's your favorite Chick Flick?
The legally Blonde series and the Wedding Date

Legally Blonde has been mentioned before...gonna have to Netflix that soon. Can you share with us the silliest thing you've ever done with your friends?
oh, wow...I think those are too many to count.

Ladies...that was a politically correct response in case her parents are reading this... you know that right? Okay, so do you have any specials you'll be offering this weekend to the ladies and visitors of Girls Night Out?
When purchasing in my Etsy shop this weekend, use "GNO Follower" discount code in notes to seller for a 10% discount on all my items!

I must tell you all, that the samplings above are only a small sampling of some of the cute pendants and items Brianne has on her site. I actually have one of her pendants myself and they are too cute....and easily exchangeable too on a necklace.

After tonight you can find Brianne at:

Etsy shop:

So, there you have it, another great interview with another great artist and fellow Girlfriend. Perfect weekend to pick up a gift or two for early holiday shopping with a discount. I already have my second pendant picked out!

Now because I'm also celebrating my one year anniversary online, I'm going to be giving away a few things this weekend to some lucky girlfriends, and here's all you have to do to be entered in the drawings:

1. For tonights drawing, Visit Brianne's Etsy shop before 11:00 pm, come back here and let us know your favorite item in a comment...easy peasy! Winner will be announced in the comment section Saturday morning. If you follow Brianne on Facebook or her blog, you'll get another entry for each follow, just leave a seperate comment and let us know. You must leave seperate comments for the follows or they will NOT count.

2. For Saturday's drawing...come back and look for my quiz question under comments and leave your answer before 11:00 pm and, your name will be entered for another prize Saturday night.

3. For Sunday's drawing,...come back and look for one more quiz question under comments from me, leave a comment by 7:00 pm and your name will be entered in the final drawing for the weekend.

And nooooooooo, I didn't forget to tell you what the prizes were...but you must know I wouldn't let any of you down! And as always, don't forget to check back, because someone just may be talking to you!! spread the word and have a fabulous weekened!

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at


  1. My favorite item in Brianne's Etsy store is Crabby the Crab. I also love all the pendants.

    Loretta Carstensen

  2. I am now following Brianne on her Blog

    Loretta Carstensen

  3. I am now following Brianne on Facebook.

    Loretta Carstensen

  4. Hi Loretta, looks like you're the first one hear, hope you're weekend is starting out great!! Gonna go grab a slice of pizza and a drink back quick!

  5. My fave is the Ocean Reeds tile pendant..! Love the colors as well as the theme...the beach baby..the beach...!! Got the drink...just waiting on dinner...sorry, no db is making supper tonight..! Dinner and a movie...! No ramen noodles or mac and cheese sir-ree...!

  6. hmmm, I know it's going to be good Dawn, I've seen some of your dinners on FB...Popcorn anyone? I just finished popping a fresh pot...not bag of kernels..nothing better with a movie and the girls :)

  7. Hey Brianne, glad to meet you :-) I saw the "88" in your etsy shop name - haha - looks like you are the same age as my son, who was also born in 88! My daughter was also very involved in her sorority - even became president! She was in Chi O (I guess she still is, right, is that how it works?)

    Loved your little face scrubbies and headbands - very original, on both!

  8. Signed up with your blog, Brianne!

  9. Hey Maria, glad you could make it

  10. what a great interview!

    my favorite item in brie's shop is her ornamental color square glass pendant!

  11. Hey Lori,
    Thanks for stopping by tonight.

  12. thanks dee!

    i'm brie's fan on facebook too!

  13. Thanks for stopping by! I see we've got timestamps from across the country. :) I'm on the west coast so I'm catching up. :) Glad to see you all stop by!

  14. I'm happy to see a variety of favorite items in my shop. Means I'm doing a good job. :)

    Uh, for the record, none of my shenanigans so far have involved alcohol. I waited for my 21st on that. ;) Still trying to slowly figure out what I like. Nobody warned me about how much it burns! :(

    Since I know for some of you a girls night out sometimes means drinks at the bar, about a fun question for you all? :) What's your favorite drink? I'd be interested in trying it!

  15. Hey Brianne, I'm a fan of the Cosmopolitan, a fresh made Mojita can be delish as well if its made correctly.

  16. Brianne, my fave is a Tanqueray and tonic - or like Dee said, a good mojito. My son (who is now 21 and "legal") makes a great one, LOL. Wine works too :-)

    I don't mean to be too preachy BUT - remember - NEVER drink and drive! I think young people are much more conscientious than my generation ever was - most young people are so good about making sure there is a designated driver.

  17. Brianne - forgot to mention - so good of you to support HBP! Puppies are my weakness :-)

  18. My first drink was a Cosmo.... Did not like it. Even though the bartender has a special mix. I'm finding I like sweet stuff, I think. Dessert-y.

  19. Brianne, I loved finding out more about you! I admire you - your work ethic, your creativity. I don't go to bars anymore, just enjoy a glass of wine at special occasions, but when I did bar hop in my younger days, my favourite drink was a Margarita.


    Julie B....Julie send me your mailing information by email and I'll be sending everything out Monday.

  21. ******SATURDAY'S QUIZ QUESTION********

    which two football teams kicked off the NFL Football season Thursday night?????

  22. Titans vs. Steelers!!
    And Brie, maybe you'd like to try a rum and coke? Or Bailey's Irish Creme--on the rocks or in coffee if you like coffee. I don't drink often but those are my favs. :)

  23. I guess it was the Titans vs. the Steelers. LOL, thanks Sara.

  24. My apologies for joining this weekend's party so late! Hope all you ladies are enjoying your weekend! Brianne, great to meet you! You have a lovely shop and I just absolutely love your glass pendants!

    As for the Saturday quiz answer, well even though the answer has already been given, Titans vs Steelers. LOL. Just had to get an entry in there for the prize! = )

    I'm off to go check out Brianne's blog!

  25. Oh and Brianne, one of my favorite girly drinks is a lychee martini!

  26. Straight from my son who is watching college ball right now - Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee - Steelers beat the Titans in OT.

    My U2 concert at the end of the month was moved from Fri to Wed because of the Jets/Titans game :-( Come on, who (my age) goes to a concert on a Wednesday???

  27. Hi Angelina,
    You're never too late for GNO party! What is a Lychee Martini though??

  28. Hi everyone!Brianne- love your shop! Everything is so beautifully made!
    A FOOTBALL question???? Dee I didn't know you liked football- How'd I miss that? I stopped watching when the 49ers went into the toilet!

  29. Hi Brooke,
    I'm really not, just figured it was an appropriate question for the season and college theme :). Glad you stopped by.

  30. PLUS your son plays football now, Dee! With all that time you spend at the football field, the sport must have seeped into your subconscious, without you being aware, LOL.

    Ok, time for my beauty sleep, ladies - enjoy the rest of the night!


    Angelina Fong

    Congratulations Angelina, contact me with your mailing information today, so I can put your package in the mail tomorrow!!

  32. *****SUNDAY'S QUIZ QUESTION*****

    What does Runako Mean and what language is it?

    (hint:check my website at

  33. Ok, Dee. Runako means "Beauty" in the Shona language of Zimbabwe

    I've enjoyed our Girl's Night Out.


  34. Way to go, congratulations Angelina!

    You have to give us tougher questions, Dee (but not as tough as your trip to Australia! LOL)

    Runako means beauty in the Shona language of Zimbabwe.

    Fun GNO, Dee - thanks for introducing us to Brianne :-)

  35. it also means "goodness"... shona, of zimbabwe. also a boy's name, meaning "handsome".

  36. goo job - I gt not found in dictionary a few times. Good news Dee - your website is #2 listing for runako in google!

    ps I love Brie's pieces - and congrats to all the winners!

  37. Design!!

    Maria - sometimes I just like making them easy..not too often though, LOL

  38. ***Sunday nights winner***

    Loretta is the winner of the Sunday Night Quiz question...congratulations Loretta!!

  39. Yeah Loretta!

    Lovely weekend, Dee and Brianne - many thanks!


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