Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Treasures - Cool Head Gear..and More!

Boi or boi... did I stumble upon a cool shop tonight! I'm a sucker for cool winter head gear and I struck gold tonight! Maybe that's why I like winter so much...I get to wear my hats! So, Renaissance Austin over at Rag House International makes the coolest crocheted caps and tams. She makes other fabulous accessories too, but I was stuck on the hats...you'll have to visit yourself for all her other cool designs like jewelry, scarves, headbands and more.... She even knits shoelaces...how cool are these??You can alo find Renaissance on her Myspace page or blog the Artful Chatterbox.

Don't forget to come back Friday Night and the weekend to see our featured Designer BKD Designs!

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at www.runakojewelry.com


  1. Very cool!!! I love your blog and the colors and everything. Thank you so much for featuring my shop, I will link thi sout now everywhere!


  2. Me too! when autumn comes I just think in hats ;O) but the truth is that I don't use them much since where I live is not that cold :O)

  3. I love those shoe laces! I've never seen anything like those! Cool!


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