Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Mesmerizer - Red Bean Chili

I'm back!!! And while I was away I Found this beautiful bracelet over at Risky Beads on Etsy. Lori makes the most beautiful "risky" bracelets! The color selections are to die for. Lori describes her designs as beads + soap opera tucked inside a fortune cookie that's masquerading as a greeting card which is then accidentally run over by the Scooby Doo Mystery Van. Not sure what that means, but it equals beautiful eye candy to me!
Lori is also the mastermind behind Handmade Highway, "a living, dynamic directory of handmade sellers". After visiting Lori in her Etsy shop, stop by Handmade Highway and see what all the talk is about and become one of the hitchhikers. You'll get your own Exit while you're at it. Tell Lori hello and let her know I hitched you a ride!

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at

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  1. Okay, that's amazing! I seriously love her description =]


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