Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's Treasure - Why Not Brag About It!

Why not brag about something special, with these sterling silver treasures. I found these great gift ideas over at what else... Brag About It on Etsy. You can have her custom make something special for you or someone else. Why not give something unique and distinct for the holiday's and say it with a memory. My favorite by far is My Family Tree featured below.

Visit this great shop and find something special to brag about, then follow her on Facebook to keep in touch with what's new, make sure you let her know you're a girl friend from GNO!

When I'm not hosting Girls Night Out, you can find me creating jewelry at www.runakojewelry.com


  1. Those are really nice. And I like the family tree a lot too.

  2. Those are all beautiful! I would love to get something like that for my mum-Although she's not really a jewelry person.


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